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Welcome to your journey! Our reading initiative focuses on encouraging parents and other adults to model reading and writing. We teach aspiring authors how to write a book; a novel, an autobiography; we prepare legal documents, dossiers, and we offer ghostwriting services. We teach parents and students how to survive in high school,  post-secondary planning, college and scholarship preparation.  


Free Writing Workshop

You are invited to attend the next free Aspiring Writers/Publishers  workshop (August 3, 2023).

This is the REAL Deal. Read the reviews of others who attended this!


August Master Class -Free with no 1 on 1

1. You get everything in the Master Writing Class except the one on one help.

2. You only pay for the textbook at a discounted rate ($25.99)

3. This is for August, only. You can select to continue, and I hope you will!

4. Sign up and pay below then text "FREE Master Class" to 256-602-1494.

THEE Master Writing Class

  1. Two community/Zoom writing tutorial sessions

    • The Writing Study Guide

    • Access to the information on any missed classes

    • Access to all videos posted

  2. Two newsletters per month​

  3. Two 30-minute 0ne on One Consultations

  4. Dr. Muhammad will work on your personal project for you for one hour (Copy, line, and developmental editing suggestions)

  5. $100 per month AND you get the textbook included.

  6. You can cancel any time.

  7. Sign up and pay below then text "THEE Master Class" to 256-602-1494.

Join Our Online Course
What free consultation time works for you?

Admission for THEE Master Class is $100 per month and includes the physical textbook. The Free Master Class does not include the textbook. The free workshop can be attended once. 


Thanks for registering!

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