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Author Dr. Dedra Muhammad

The Pen Doctor
"My Weapon of Choice"




Author Dr. Dedra Muhammad is an independent education and writing consultant. She has worked as a public school educator and college counselor for over two decades. Earlier in her career, she served as a counselor for students in grades K-8 in Indiana and Georgia. Her curriculum vitae includes producing programs to help diverse groups of seniors from rural, low-income, and urban areas raise millions of dollars in scholarships every year. 

Dr. Muhammad has been immersed amidst the behaviors of more than 250,000 students during her career. She is steeped in knowledge of trends in education, system barriers, and struggles some teenagers endure when it comes to making the most out of high school. 

She has worked as an administrator in a homeless facility; she has done extensive work in domestic violence awareness and prevention. The musicals and stage plays Dr. Muhammad produced have themes permeating cultural diversity, education, abuse prevention, predatory lending --and other issues plaguing families and societies. She has worked with artists and groups such as WHODINI and Chuck D. from Public Enemy #1 to bring awareness to tough issues like gun violence, date rape, land grabs, and crimes against the elderly.

She is the mother of twins Shafi and Hanif and a widow after being married to Phillip Muhammad, her beloved husband, for 25 years. Dr. Muhammad is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Indiana University (IPFW), and Capella University. Dr. Muhammad is also the organizer of the Rising South Literacy School.

Dr. Muhammad has been referred to as an “Artistic Genius” and as “The Good Doctor.” 

Her 5-star novel, “Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary,” is the first in an underway trilogy.

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