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  • At Rising South Literacy School, we promote Black literature and our stories, told by us.  

  • Author Dedra Muhammad invites you to the COVER REVEAL of her new historical fiction book, "Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary." 

  • We are looking for Soldiers for Black Literature (of substance).


          Dedra Lori Muhammad was born Dedra Lori Bradley in Pontiac, Michigan. The youngest of four siblings, she graduated from Pontiac Central High School, and received an athletic scholarship to run track at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Later, she earned a master’s degree in Counselor Education from Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne, IPFW. Muhammad is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Counseling at Capella University, working on a Ph.D. in Counseling and Community Services.  Her dissertation title is "Peer Perceptions of Community and Hope after a Homicide: A Qualitative Study." Presently, she is the College and Career Counselor with Madison County Schools in Alabama. Her goal is to serve communities across America. Muhammad has conducted countless community seminars on date rape, predatory lending, and other topics to uplift humanity, especially as it pertains to Black women.

          Muhammad is the organizer of the not-for-profit organization, Rising South Literacy School.  Rising South produces stellar plays, seminars on date rape, domestic violence, publishing, predatory lending and seminars on other community-based issues.  


​Upcoming Works in the Trilogy

Published Works:

Stage Plays or Musicals

  • § Rise, Angie, Rise

  • § If Angels are Men (Rated the most culturally explosive musicals to EVER hit the 

  • § south)

  • § This Land is Your Land (Featuring the Hip Hop Gurus from WHODINI)

  • § Flowers While You Live


  • §  Making Mary the Movie (Short)

  • §  The Nineveh Projects (Short)


  • §  Making Mary (5-star novel)

  • §  No Bubble Bath for Desmond



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