Hidden Princess:

The Rebirth of Making Mary













     Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary is the compelling story of the life and legacy of Vivian Johnson, a troubled soul trapped in an even more troubling time in American history. Based on a true story, the narrative is centered on Vivian’s unending relationship drama with Lee Hiram, her less-than-apt suitor, the microcosm of which Muhammad uses to display for the reader the depths of contemporary relationships within a greater overall context. Set mostly during the transition between the Civil War and the Great Depression, Hidden Princess chronicles the daily travails of a nation – and its people– in flux. Still haunted by the ever-present specter of racism, the Johnson family soon succumbs to the lure of the Great Migration, joining the millions of other poor Black families seeking to escape the oppressive clutches of the South. Ultimately settling in Michigan, the fragmented family soon discovers no amount of travel will ever distance them from the generational curses inherently borne within each of them, manifesting themselves in myriad ways from alcoholism to promiscuity to even murder.


          The book details the whirlwind like circumstances surrounding Mary’s conception. It is both a romance novel and a chronicle of the social conditions of a "dead" people.  The chronicle is then used as a trajectory to explain modern America and urban community unrest. As the Civil War is the backdrop of Gone with the Wind, the Black Experience is the backdrop of this riveting page-turner. Muhammad presents remarkably accurate pills of truth that often prove difficult to swallow. Taking on everything from the Willie Lynch syndrome to religious zealotry to lasting misconceptions regarding the true intentions of Abraham Lincoln, Hidden Princess reads like a treatise on American psychology. Her points are cogent, her logic is flawless, and most impressive is the seamless way she applies her observations on her subjects within the real framework of their everyday lives.

424 pages

6”9 Trim

Historical Fiction, based on true accounts

Release Date:

Spring 2021

Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary is a movement. It is historical fiction, the best in African American literature; it is Black romance and it details the Black Experience.  It is for young adults up through adulthood, and is expected to be released in Spring 2021.

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Muhammad is on a mission to bring awareness and attention to the violence and sexual assault against Black women and girls.