My First Short Film: The Ninevah Project

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Filmmakers contacted me and asked that I write a short script.  They wanted me to use my God Given creativity and come up with something extraordinary and unique.  The assignment was challenging if only because I'd never written a short movie--my self taught expertise lies in the area of novel writing and theatre plays.

Nonetheless, I accepted the opportunity with Grace and humility.  The Ninevah Projects, an original short

was filmed on Saturday, December 20, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Filmmaker Fred Lewis headed the project and I directed it.  The experienced actors were amazed at t

he way I was able to get things done with polite but stern messages, laced wi

th encouragement and proper guidance. 

"I've sat under various directors over a ten year span and what it would've taken most of them days to accomplish was mastered within a few hours under your direction," Actor Vance stated during one of the breaks.  I took that as a major compliment since I'm only a director by default.  Also, I believe one of my greatest gifts is the ability to see talent in other people.

I no longer take my writing for granted--I receive it as the Gift God has given to me for His purpose.  I want to be an example and not succumb to evil measures in the industry.  I want to maintain the freedom to write uplifting pieces.  I abhor the idea of writing for sheer entertainment.  There must be an element of education running rampant through the pages of any book I publish and across each act on stage.  I declare to not promote a filthy agenda to make a million dollars. 

The Ninevah Projects definitely use the concept of the scriptural Prophet Jonah, who was sent to the Land of Ninevah by God.  His assignment was to address the wicked King.  Jonah bucked and was thus swallowed by a whale.  In my short film, a contemporary view of this is provided.  Whenever I describe my actual writing project, I get wide eyes and questions like, "And you came up with this out of the thin air?"

It is quite easy for creativity to fill inside my veins and then spill out with a pen.  It's my blood, my soul that people read or watch on film. 

I deliberately don't offer a synopsis of the film here.  I want it to be a surprise;  I even want to have a grand announcement after the six weeks it may take to air it.  I can say that filmmaker Fred Lewis did a sophisticated job and I cannot wait to see his finished work.  He was professional on the set with a clear vision.  I am humbled to have been graced by the offer to write this piece at his request.  Would I recommend him?  Absolutely--hands down.  If given the chance to work with him again, I would definitely not hesitate and further--I anxiously await that opportunity. 

In the back, far left is Actor Nonye.  Back, far right is Actor Vance.  In front, far right is Lesha (part of my entourage); I'm in the middle, next to Actress DaKima.  In the front, far left is filmmaker Fred Lewis.

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