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Rising South is a Premier Voice in Violence Prevention & Awareness

Mission Statement


Rising South Literacy School is committed to celebrating the voice of community members, our youth, victims of violence, and community survivors. We believe a healthy self is one who has freedom of expression, especially as it pertains to injustice. We aim to address the personal and community healing process through our diversified programs and artistic avenues.

Rising South Literacy School Projects 


Trilogy (Books)

  • Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary (Published 2022)

  • Stop the Traffic (Human trafficking) -Upcoming in trilogy

  • General Motors’ Baby -Upcoming in trilogy

Published Works:

Stage Plays or Musicals

  • Dating in High School (1999-Bob Jones High School)

  • Rise, Angie, Rise (2005-Huntsville VBC Playhouse)

  • Rise, Angie, Rise (2011-Johnson High School)

  • Rise, Angie, Rise (2012-Atlanta, Georgia)

  • If Angels are Men (2011-VBC Concert Hall-Rated the most culturally explosive musicals to EVER hit the South)

  • This Land is Your Land (2013-Featuring the Hip Hop Gurus from WHODINI)

  • Flowers While You Live (2014)


  • §  Making Mary the Movie (2016)

  • §  The Nineveh Projects (2015)