Set mostly during the transition between the Reconstruction Era and the Great Depression, Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary chronicles the daily travails of a nation – and its people– in flux. Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary details turbulent circumstances surrounding Mary's conception. Based on true accounts, the narrative is centered around the life and legacy of Vivian Johnson, Mary’s mother, and her unending, psychologically mortifying relationship with Lee Hiram, her less-than-apt suitor. Vivian, a perpetual princess who did not consider herself divine is a triumphant protagonist, defiantly overcoming massive odds. Hidden Princess is both a strikingly poignant romance novel and an examination of the social conditions of a "dead" people. In the ardent saga, a trajectory is cleverly interwoven that helps explain urban community unrest in modern America. As the Civil War is the backdrop of Gone with the Wind, the Black Experience is the backdrop of this riveting page-turner.

Hidden Princess: The Rebirth of Making Mary (Released in Spring 2021)

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